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Tulips in Amsterdam

Founded in 1967, the European Begg Society of Orthodontics (EBSO) was for many years a leading organization of which many well-known orthodontists have been members. Times change and that is why the Booy Foundation has been asked to organize the very last EBSO congress: ORTHO-AMSTERDAM 2024.

At this European conference, 16 prominent international keynote speakers will let the EBSO shine once again like never before. The Begg Prize (€ 2,500) for the most important scientific contribution to daily orthodontic practice will also be awarded for the first time. In addition to the unique scientific program, there is a very entertaining social program.

Don’t miss this once-in-a-lifetime event!


  • Please note that the ORTHO-AMSTERDAM 2024 congress has already been held. Information about this conference will remain online for a while.

The congress was fully booked and was a great success. International top speakers with fascinating presentations, a varied social program with an entertaining cruise through the Amsterdam canals, dinners at very special locations and musical surprises. The biennial Begg Prize of 2,500 euros was awarded to Dr. Aldin Kapetanović for the best clinically relevant research.

The responses from the participants were so positive that it was decided to organize an ORTHO-AMSTERDAM 2026 conference in 2026. This conference will take place on 11-12 June 2026. The same clinically oriented international conference again with top speakers, interesting topics and an attractive social program. And then the Begg Prize of 2,500 euros will also be awarded for the best scientific contribution to clinical orthodontics.

The congress is fully booked! We’re very sorry, but registration isn’t possible anymore.

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