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Julia von Bremen

Julia von Bremen

CV Julia von Bremen

Dr. von Bremen works as an orthodontist and senior consultant in the department of orthodontics, University of Giessen, Germany. She received her orthodontic education from 2000-2003 in a private practice and at the same university department under the chairmanships of Professor Hans Pancherz and Professor Sabine Ruf. Her major research interests include Class II treatment and orthodontic treatment possibilities of children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis or obesity.
Dr. von Bremen is an active member of the Angle Society of Europe (ASE) as well as a member of the European Orthodontic Society (EOS), the German Society of Orthodontists (DGKFO), and the German Dental Association (DGZMK). She has published numerous peer-reviewed papers and lectured both nationally and internationally.


Herbst – New considerations on old principles

The Herbst appliance in all its variations is a commonly used appliance to correct a Class II malocclusion nowadays. Despite increasing popularity, however, several contraindications have crystallized over the last decades.
This lecture will focus on the side effects of Herbst treatment and the efforts made to handle these and highlight the possibilities the appliance offers in a patient-centered approach. Looking back at a time period of over 30 years since Hans Pancherz started his Herbst research at the University of Giessen the lecture will give an insight to what remained, what changed and what evolved from the original treatment protocol.

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