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Morten Laursen

Morten Laursen

CV Morten Laursen

Morten G. Laursen received his DDS in 2001 and qualified as a specialist in orthodontics in 2007 from Aarhus University in Denmark. Since 2007, Dr Laursen is part time at the Section of Orthodontics, Aarhus University, where he is involved in the education of pre- and post-graduate students. He is director of the Aarhus University International Short-Term Course in Orthodontics. He owns a private office exclusively dedicated to orthodontics in Aarhus, Denmark.
He is active member and secretary of the Angle Society of Europe, secretary of the Danish Orthodontic Society and past president of the European Postgraduate Students Orthodontic Society.
His research interest is focused around the dento-alveolar-bone-complex.


The limits of the dentition in Cl II correction

What are the limits in relation to the bone? Should we stay within the baseline framework… or can we push the limits moving teeth beyond the bony housing and maintain a healthy periodontium? The extraction/non-extraction debate is ongoing, but pre-treatment diagnosis involving the gingival phenotype and alveolar envelope in treatment planning may offer appropriate solutions. This way the patients can be approached individually, according to their needs and requests with a professional focus aiming for a harmonious position of the incisors in the face and in the alveolar bone. When extractions are needed, space closure can be accomplished on continuous wires or with sectional and segmented technique. The approach depends on the malocclusion, gingival and alveolar conditions. In extraction therapy, biomechanics, and anchorage control play key-roles in achieving the desired treatment objectives. The presentation aims to demonstrate limits and solutions with clinical examples.

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