Congres Interdisciplinaire Orthodontie

Interdisciplinary Orthodontics

Renato Cocconi, Niko Perakis en Björn Ludwig

donderdag en vrijdag 16 en 17 mei 2019  –  Heineken Experience  –  Amsterdam

Congress summary 

Interdisciplinary Orthodontics

Orthodontics is facing two important challenges: the interaction with other dental disciplines that can expand the borders of our treatments and the advent of digital technologies that can help in the planning and visualization of the final outcome.

Interdisciplinary knowledge is the real asset of our profession but it has to be translated in a hierarchy of decisions, protocols and algorithms that the computer can transform into a three-dimensional project. The orthodontist should think as a team member and digital technology will be the global positioning system.

This congress will illustrate, with cases, the hierarchy of decisions followed in interdisciplinary treatment, where the correct execution of the plan requires that the various members of the team take responsibility for specific aspects and stages of treatment. The orthodontist is very often the ‘quarterback of the team’ who needs to organize this interdisciplinary working in a proper sequence.

Aims: To provide an overview of interdisciplinary work in the digital era.

Objectives: This congress will provide a contemporary overview of interdisciplinary care in the digital era and will illustrate this with examples of treated patients.

Learning outcomes: Following this presentation delegates will have acquired contemporary knowledge regarding the use of digital technologies in interdisciplinary care and will be able to consider this with respect to their own clinical practice.