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Thor Henrikson

Thor Henrikson

CV Thor Henrikson

Thor Henrikson made his Dental degree and the specialist Orthodontic training at University of Malmo Sweden.
He presented his PHD thesis in 1999 about orthodontic treatment and TMD. He has published 40 articles in the Orthodontic literature.
Member of the Angle Society of Europe since 2002 and became the President in 2020. Part time teaching and supervising at University of Malmo,  but works most of the time working in his private practice in the center of Malmo.
In addition, he is lecturing frequently both in Sweden and internationally.


How can we make our aligner treatments work better?

Orthodontic treatment with aligners can produce a high-quality treatment outcome. As in all orthodontic methods however, there is a steep learning curve. The most crucial factor for the clinician is to take full control when planning and working in the 3-D software. We will focus on aligner biomechanics and how separate and stage difficult movements to increase the treatment predictability and efficiency.
The presentation is going to give an overview of treatment possibilities in different kind of malocclusions with aligners. Treatment of space deficiencies, open and deep bites will be shown and discussed. Further on, we are going to discuss and evaluate treatment quality, efficiency, and precision.

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