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About EBSO

P. Raymond Begg


The European Begg Society of Orthodontics (EBSO) was founded in 1967 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The society was named after the famous Australian orthodontist P. Raymond Begg (1898–1983), who developed his well-known fixed appliance technique. At that time the Begg technique was used by very many orthodontic clinicians worldwide.

For decades the EBSO was a leading organization of which many well-known orthodontists have been members. The special attractiveness of the biennial congresses was its clinical character, relaxed atmosphere, and sufficient time for presentations and discussions. In the past, clinicians also had to provide case presentations during congresses to become member of the EBSO. Today, these exams no longer exist. When other fixed appliance techniques also got increasingly popular in later years, the topics of EBSO conferences gradually became less focused on the Begg technique, but remained strongly oriented to daily practice.

The first EBSO congress was held in 1968 in Groningen, the Netherlands. President was professor Booy. Many of the later EBSO congress presidents were also orthodontic celebrities and the congresses were very well attended. But times kept changing and gradually the Begg technique became less populair. That is why it was finally decided to dissolve the association.

To mark the end of a period of 57 years EBSO, the Booy Foundation has been asked to organize its 30th and last congress: ORTHO-AMSTERDAM 2024. In 2017 the foundation was also involved in organizing the 50th anniversary EBSO congress in Amsterdam. This time, too, it will be a clinically focused conference in a friendly atmosphere with 16 international top speakers. In addition, at the congress for the first time the Begg Prize (€ 2500) will be awarded for the most important scientific contribution to clinical orthodontics.

The ORTHO-AMSTERDAM 2024 congress has now been held and was very successful. Therefore it was decided to organize an ORTHO-AMSTERDAM 2026 congress on 11-12 June 2026. Then also a Begg Prize of € 2,500 will be awarded.

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