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Begg Prize



Dr. Aldin Kapetanović

On Thursday, May 30, 2024, the Begg Prize was awarded for the first time during ORTHO-AMSTERDAM 2024, the final conference of the European Begg Society of Orthodontics (EBSO), organized by the Booy Foundation. This biennial international prize is awarded for the best scientific contribution to clinical orthodontics over the past two years and consists of a cash prize of € 2,500.

Winner of the prize was orthodontist Dr. Aldin Kapetanović for his PhD research into the effects of Miniscrew-Assisted Rapid Palatal Expansion (MARPE) conducted at Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. The dissertation’s promoters were Prof. Dr. Jan Schols and Prof. Dr. Stefaan Bergé.

According to the jury report, the results of Dr. Kapetanović’s research are of great importance for orthodontists, dental surgeons and patients undergoing orthodontic treatment when choosing whether to indicate MARPE.

The next Begg Prize of € 2,500 will be awarded at the ORTHO-AMSTERDAM 2026 congress in Amsterdam on 11-12 June 2026.


The Booy Foundation offers the biennial Begg Prize. The prize is given in memory of Percival Raymond Begg (1898-1983), who was a professor at the University of Adelaide School of Dentistry and a well known orthodontist. He was famous for developing the ‘Begg technique’. The Begg Prize 2024 consists of the amount of money of € 2,500.

Article 1 Begg Prize
1) The Begg Prize recognizes new significant clinically relevant contributions to daily orthodontics through scientific research;
2) Orthodontists and researchers in the field of orthodontics are invited to submit entries.

Article 2 Applications
1) Applications must be done through (Begg Prize);
2) Applications must include a short motivation of the applicant;
3) Applications must include relevant research publications not older than two (2) years before 1 January 2024;
4) The file should be submitted before 1 January 2024 as a single e-mail attached PDF document with applicant’s name and title, e-mail address, and name of applicant’s institution to:;
5) Only digital files will be accepted.

Article 3 Jury
1) Judging takes place by the jury of the Begg Prize;
2) The jury is appointed by the Board of the Booy Foundation;
3) The jury’s decisions are irrevocable.

Article 4 Award ceremony
1) The result regarding the nomination of the winner of the Begg Prize will be announced during the award ceremony itself;
2) The winner is expected to give a short presentation during the presentation of the prize at the ORTHO-AMSTERDAM 2024 congress;
3) The winner will be announced on the website of the Booy Foundation (;
4) It is not possible to correspond about the results.

Article 5 Lack of candidates
If no suitable candidates are identified in a particular year then no prize will be offered.

Article 6 Exception of rules
In cases not covered by these regulations or in special circumstances in which there are deviations from these regulations, the Board of the Booy Foundation will decide.

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